Glenn Beck to Keynote Gala

by admin on May 22, 2009

For immediate release  –  May 22, 2009

Glenn Beck to keynote gala—George Wythe University’s singular mission: “Building Statesmen”

National shortage of statesmen to be addressed by online program’s national debut.

Salt Lake City, Utah–National radio and TV personality Glenn Beck will deliver the keynote address at George Wythe University’s (GWU) annual black-tie fundraiser Gala on the evening of May 30, 2009, in the rotunda of the Utah State Capitol. Emphasis will be placed on the 17-year-old private liberal arts university’s singular mission of building statesmen, particularly as it launches its new online program with live virtual classrooms for students located anywhere in the world.

“We are grateful to have Glenn Beck speaking at this year’s gala,” said Diann Jeppson, Chair of the GWU Board of Trustees. “Because our mission is to build statesmen, we felt that Glenn’s mission is aligned very closely with ours. He’s a strong advocate for citizens becoming educated in the principles of good government, which is precisely what we do.  Some of the books he promotes on his shows are even part of our curriculum.”

Glenn Beck hosts a daily radio show with the 3rd largest national audience behind Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. He also hosts a daily news program on the Fox television network and created The 9-12 Project, an online grass roots movement for the reawakening of conservative principles.

“If there was ever a time for more statesmen and fewer politicians, it’s now,” said Beck. In addition to the keynote address, Beck will also host a private reception before dinner at 5:30 pm.

The school is currently expanding its on-campus and off-campus programs beyond its Cedar City base to include locations across the United States. The additional launch of live virtual classes for online students will serve both traditional and non-traditional students in programs that will be detailed during the reception.

“What we provide is an education in the foundations of statesmanship.” said Andrew Groft, President of GWU, “Leaders everywhere need a firm grounding in the principles of liberty. You only get that through the same kind of education in the classics our founders received—whether at the undergraduate or graduate level. The nation is at a crossroads and we feel the urgency to move quickly.”

GWU achieves its mission by closely emulating the same type of classical education and mentoring that Thomas Jefferson and many of the American Founders received from George Wythe, the nation’s first law professor.

Previous speakers at the gala have included Jim Ferrell, managing director of the Arbinger Institute. Approximately 500 are expected to attend this year.



Andrew Groft
President – George Wythe University

About George Wythe University: George Wythe University is a non-profit liberal arts university with its main campus in Cedar City, Utah and distance learning and extension programs available in many states. GWU was founded on principles and methods used by George Wythe to mentor Thomas Jefferson and other statesmen of his day.  The university uses a unique principle-based educational model based on studying classical texts under the guidance of mentors.  Degrees offered range from a Bachelors program in Statesmanship to a Doctoral program in Constitutional Law.  With small class sizes, a rigorous study load, real-world simulations, field experience, and a mission-oriented emphasis on leadership education it describes as Building Statesmen, GWU is rapidly gaining notice as an innovative, refreshing and timely alternative to typical models of higher education.  For information visit
“To build men and women of virtue, wisdom, diplomacy and courage, who inspire greatness in others and move the cause of liberty.” – GWU Mission Statement

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J. Waide 01.11.10 at 1:10 pm

I have been reading “A Thomas Jefferson Education” and was impressed with it’s message and goals for Leadership Education, which led me to explore your University’s web site. My excitement about the mission however, has been dashed upon reading of your affiliation with Glenn Beck. His narrow minded, inaccurate propaganda has no place in Leadership Education. I doubt Thomas Jefferson would approve.

John 02.15.10 at 7:54 pm

Waide, I disagree. I’m not from America but have been watching Beck. I have to say he’s excellent – there’s no-one that I know of in the media that is discussing the issues of the day whilst connecting them to historical and economic significance, all of which helps the viewer put the news into context. Not many in the media do that.

I’m guessing you’ve seen a few select clips of Glenn Beck on YouTube and have formed your opinion based on those. That is no way to judge a person. Watch him regularly – you may get hooked!

Nancy 04.25.10 at 5:43 pm

I have to say the one thing I love about Glen Beck is his love of Freedom.
True Freedom is taking care of yourself. To live in an environment where everything is decided and done for you is truely a form of slavery. As a teacher I have learned it is easy to dictate learning. True learning is when the student dictates his own learning, makes tons of choices, and learns for himself truth by asking tons of questions and deciding for themselves truth. I think that is what Glen Beck is trying to do. I would challenge J. to be his own ajent of learning and explore what Glen is asking his listeners to do. Its easy to just go with the flow. The Founding Fathers didn’t do that. They read and read and read again. The questioned and questioned and questioned again. Go J. question not only Glen but the status que too.
I also have a cousin and uncle who graduated from George Wythe. I too am looking into your graduate programs.

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