The Life of Calvin Coolidge

by Admin on April 12, 2012

In our age of Progressivism run amuck and unbridled, it has become commonplace among many Americans to yearn for the statesmen of the founding period, or perhaps to the century that followed.  For such inspiration, it is rare for principled conservatives to look more recently, and perhaps justifiably so.

Yet one president does stand in a forgotten chapter of the early Twentieth Century as a principled model for our consideration. To foreshadow the highly anticipated biography by Amity Shaleas on Calvin Coolidge (to be published this summer) we invite you to enjoy this stirring examination of Coolidge’s character and life by a cherished member of the George Wythe University faculty, Dr. Michael Platt.

Part I

by Michael Platt, PhD

In 1928, had President Calvin Coolidge chosen to run for reelection, the American people would surely have chosen him again, and thus he would have served as President into early 1933. What the consequences of that choice would have been, for America and the world, is hard to say. Mr. Coolidge did not choose to run, he was not elected, he did not serve. Instead, he chose to do other things, among them to write his Autobiography.

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