GWU Alumnus Elected to Canadian Parliament

by admin on May 5, 2011

Despite our still being in the process of accreditation, GWU alumni increasingly earn admission into law school and other graduate programs.  Additionally, one has now been elected to the Canadian parliament.  Jim Hillyer of Alberta, who earned his Masters degree at GWU, was elected Monday in a landslide victory for Canada’s new legislative majority, the Conservative Party. Although the Calgary Herald mistakenly describes GWU as an LDS school, it provides a fair summary below. We offer our congratulations to Jim Hillyer as he works to advance the cause of liberty in Canada.

Lethbridge: Jim Hillyer prevails for Tories despite controversy

By Vicki Hall
Published: Calgary Herald, May 3, 2011

Conservative campaign manager Ethan Gorner kicked off the celebration at 9:27 p.m. “Ladies and gentlemen,” he bellowed. “Your next member of Parliament for Lethbridge.” With that, Jim Hillyer walked in and soaked up the love from family members and supporters at the end of an election marred by turbulence.

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Heather Burton 02.28.12 at 12:42 am

Jim Hillyer’s election victory is a win on many levels — he survived aggressive cancer and its treatment aftermath to withstand a rigorous campaign and see a longtime goal come to fruition; Jim was relatively young and unknown in our jurisdiction and has demonstrated that earnest preparation and hard work can overcome numerous challenges; and his driving hope is to revive Canadians’ interest in active, educated involvement in political principles and process. Congratulations to you, Jim, and all the best in your work as a member of the Parliament of Canada!

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